05 December 2015 - 09 January 2016

Nesren Jake



The artist, who employs art as a means of propaganda under the alias Nesren Jake, meets spectators at his third solo exhibition, Boss Has Gone Mad, displayed at Daire Gallery between 5 December 2015 and 9 January 2016.


Nesren Jake focuses his production upon the critique of consumer culture. His primary focus consists of sale strategies, advertisement campaigns and big brands. Through his work, he confronts us with a different façade of the brands that dazzle us with their sponsorship of grand-scale organisations. In his works, the conditions of living, clothing and the sustenance of the construction workers in Qatar, who is hosting the World Cup in 2020 features on the background of the brands sponsoring the event. Another point of his focus is the consumption of food and drink. Nesren Jake underlines the detriments of the sugary foods and drinks that wrapped up in alluring packaging. His works induce us to revaluate our habits of consumption and our passion for brands. 


The artist employs various printing techniques and installed objects, through which she presents his digitally composed works. He positions the gallery as a market or a store. Having chosen the phrase “Boss Has Gone Mad” as a mockery of the dazzling sales promotions, he aims to induce the spectators to contemplate their consumerist insanity before indulging in it. 


Nesren Jake’s Boss Has Gone Mad may be viewed at Daire Gallery from December 5th to January 9th, between 11:00 and 19:00, from Tuesday to Thursday.