27 February - 2 April 2016

Kerem Ağralı

CHR 2389 2
Kerem Ağralı meets viewers at Daire Gallery between Februart 27th and April 2nd, with his mixed media work, on which he’s been working on for the past two years.
The exhibition consists of drawings, canvases, works on wood and aluminum, as well as a sculpture. At first glance, Ağralı’s works give the impression of a “composition” woven with numerous narratives. However, upon closer inspection, one finds oneself drifting from a whole narrative and amongst many independent stories. Contrast of time, space and material is another striking topic. Kerem Ağralı’s works usher the viewer into a drawn-out experience for the resolution of its contrasts. 
In the exhibition, where non-existent spaces first manifest within the artist’s mind and then are conveyed via art to the viewers, we observe that conventional objects assume quite different roles in the artist’s composition.
For the artists, who iterates that a sort of accumulated universal knowledge is bequeathed to each and every one of us through genes, from the very inception of life to our day and age, the colour red has a particular importance. The colour of blood, which begins our lives, is frequently employed by the artist as the symbol of the transferred knowledge through vital power. Ali Şimşek expresses the artist’s emphasis as follows: “The ugly heart, served in the red dowry chest transforms exactly into the cage in which the Pulse is drowned. The chair is ever-present in the works… The historical symbol of idleness, sloth and exploitation. The most desired furniture! Perhaps it is a key, wielded by a mechanized hand… The lock of captivity or hope – it will all be revealed through experience…”
The exhibition is open for viewing between 11:00-19:00, from Tuesdays to Saturdays, between February 27th and April 2nd at Daire Gallery.