Sema Kayaönü

11 Eylül September / 18 Ekim October 2014





Sema Kayaönü


September 11– October 18, 2014  // Daire Gallery

Opening: September 11, 6 PM - 8 PM


Sema Kayaönü, meets the audience with her first personal exhibition “Everything Is Familiar To Us” at Daire Gallery, between September 11th and October 18th.

In her exhibition "Everything Is Familiar To Us" the collages of Sema Kayaönü tell us the story of the urban culture and the lifestyle of urban dwellers. She focuses on the perception of individuals of the outside world and the function of the culture we live in by transcending the visual order of painting with the three-dimensional reflections of her layered papers create.

With her works, she also refers to one of the Turkish traditional arts “katı” and re-interprets this art of paper engraving with contemporary methods. However, in contrast to “katı”, essentially a decorative art, she chooses to create her collages of existing photographic images with plain layers of paper thereby aims to decipher the language of the pure material. In her show, the selected works are easy to understand containing few lines and minimum amount of colour and texture to pass the message in a plain and simple way.

Kayaönü’s work departs from the constant flow of the city and its inhabitants are in. The technological innovations and the industrial realities that people in cities perpetually face influence her deeply. Therefore works in “Everything Is Familiar To Us” comprises of images such as automobiles, airplanes, wind turbines, trains, flowers and fires that are pretty “familiar” to us.

As we live in an illusion of a world of infinite options we approach towards a unified world system choosing only what is commercialized and made available to us. As we think we lead eclectic lives, filled with impressions of different cultures, we gradually turn into the same beings. This being the case, through these familiar images, the artist wants to draw attention to the everyday life happenings and the social behavioural norms of our modern life. With the new functions she attributed to the old materials, Kayaönü examines the newly established modern language and the brand new technologies and ideologies of a rapidly transforming society.

“Bize Her Şey Tanıdık / Everything Is Familiar To Us” can be visited at Daire Gallery, between September 11th and October 18th.