Cemre Yeşil

08 Mayıs May / 15 Haziran June 2014

Cemre Yesil This was 4

Daire Galeri presents Cemre Yeşil’s solo exhibition ‘Bak bu / This was’ between 8 May-15 June 2014.


Cemre Yeşil is a unique member of a generation of young photographers from Turkey who drew attention in the last few years. She presents her project ‘This was’ in which we can find both aspects of her work and comprehend her perspective of life and art as a photographer and an artist. Cemre continues to work both in London and Istanbul and her work focuses on personal intimacies through photographic series and text-based works.

"Cemre Yeşil’s “This Was” project with its specific focus on personal memory, exposes the cultural conditions of sharing photographs in social media and demands us to reconsider our conception, either professional or amateur, of the status of the “image”.

This project also has a very intrinsic, very poetic characteristic, which is in fact extremely far from intellectualism, so to speak. A phrase pairing with each image, are like image/text haikus that describe the flux of our everyday lives. The interrelation between visuality and textuality is an interesting dimension of this project, and in a world that makes us think in indicators and visual codes it drives us to reflect on the ideological structure in the background of the image production. But her attempt is completely innocent. She raises the question that how an image is able to explain a feeling or a concept by unlocking the door to her own world (or maybe pretending to unlock)." 

Ahu Antmen

Cemre Yeşil was nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2014 of Amsterdam Photography Museum FOAM. A selection from her work which is a part of Istanbul Modern Museum’s photography collection will be featured in NYHETER LANDSKRONA FOTOFESTIVAL in Sweden between 22-24 August 2014.

“This Was" may be visited between March 08th May and 15th June 2014, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11am to 19pm