Ahmet Duru

28 Mart March / 03 Mayıs May 2014



Ahmet Durumeets the audience at the Daire Gallery between March 28th and May 3th with his first solo show “Somewhere Around Here”

Ahmet Duru exhibits a current series of paintings and drawings that present micro and macro perspectives on panoramic landscapes. By contrasting distant views with their close-ups, he discusses the process of perceiving the world. As the act of seeing is always bound to the matter of recognizing, the artist also reviews the interrelationship between existence and extinction.

The diptych-like setup of most pieces forms a dialectic review of reality by clashing general views with their details. Wide-angle pictures on large formats are usually set next to much smaller ones showing close-ups of the big image. The current series proposes a concentrated view at the world instead of a quick look, as his visual investigations aim at going beyond the common known. This process is supported by a slight abstraction that blurs the pictorial and the contextual, and so frees the works from being shallow representations or illustrations.

In this context Ahmet Duru is a good example for a strong young artist who uses realistic painting methods that are not simply copying or reflecting reality, but deconstructing and questioning it in order to form alternative insights into our world. Using photographic images as the starting point of his paintings, he critically reviews the given state of our mediated visual culture. At the same time, due to the experimental and innovative character of his work, he proposes new forms of realistic painting that are not afraid of integrating abstraction methods. So, in the end, the artist discusses the status quo of reality and realism.

          Ahmet Duru develops beautiful and powerful landscapes of our mind, where a current understanding of landscape painting is combined with post-industrial ideas of nature in order to form a contemporary approach that is able to review the strange state of our world.

“Somewhere around here” may be visited between March 28th and May 3th 2014, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11am to 19pm