Buğra Erol

13 Şubat Feb / 22 Mart March 2014


 bugra erol-9773


Buğra Erol meets the audience at the Daire Gallery between February 13th and March 22nd with his second solo show “Good Luck”


In his show titled “Good Luck” Buğra Erol presents his views on economic interdependence, abusive treatment of environment and nature and the new world order created by the power elites’ gang.

Working on multidisciplinary basis under one single conceptual framework the artist brings a fictional structure in the exhibition to the fore in order to highlight his evaluations he would like to unfold and point out. Once determined he states, the subject matter leads him to various techniques. Thus, in his show called “Good Luck” apart from canvases, his collages created via overlapping slides inside a light box are present. In the light boxes, the artist employs associative words, creating a new story combining many slides related or unrelated to each other and sets the words he chooses as the title for the story.

Today many eco-activists and scientists indicate that even though we all are well aware of the effects of our choices on the environment we prefer to remain in denial and ignorance rather than taking action.As an environmental activist himself Erol also confirms that other people as well observe the environmental problems just as good as he does, yet are a part of the denial staying stolid. He constructs a simulated “gang” systematizing this denial for the exhibition. He reckons the individuals of the society living in the cities and retaining the continuity of the current system by not questioning it as the members of the gang andin his fictional spaces, he parades the “gang” that he also is a member of, as an un-detachable component of the “Revolution of Denial”. From his own vantage point without proposing any solutions for the problem, Erol reconstructs this society that he is a part of with his own aesthetic values.


“Good Luck” may be visited between February 13th- March 22nd 2014, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11:00 to 19:00