12 Nisan Apr  /  25 MayısMay  2013

Funda Alkan will be at Daire Gallery with her second solo exhibition "The Cage" between April 12 - May 25, 2013.

Funda Alkan, has the common assignments of her generation as active individuals, provocateurs, activists in a country which has paradoxes of being democratic, global, patriarchal, neo-liberal and nationalist at the same time. She and many others provoke us to recognize the importance of the use of verbal and visual language in our daily lives as well as in our socio-political milieu. They strive to make art that decipher the ideologies created by images and texts of neo-liberalism, which shape our culture and life. They manifestly provide new visual material and tools of thinking to question the political and neo-liberalist intricacies.

In her recent series of cinema icons, embedded in the subconscious of many generations in Turkey, Funda Alkan surprises us by manufacturing these images with a charming traditional embroidery technique. Even if they are depicted in a minimalist graphic style reminiscent of And Warhol’s star portraits, this juxtaposition of tradition and Modernism is one of the engaging problematics in today’s art making. The traditional embroidery of dots also refers to digitalization and makes the portrait more abstract.

The way of rendering of these portraits indicate an attempt to merge three contradictory classifications, namely the graphic style of the 60’s and 70’s, the digitalization of today and obviously traditional arts and crafts. Since the 80’s women artists are utilizing traditional arts and crafts techniques in their works to accentuate their identity as a criticism to the convictions of the society insisting on the patriarchal stereotype role-models. One of the intentions of Alkan is to play the game and challenge the convictions of the society covering the modernist, the post-modernist, or the conservative viewer in Turkey. However her more serious intention is to deconstruct the complexity of the influences of consumption, media and event culture on today’s young generation. The celebrity culture is born in early 1900 in Hollywood and went beyond it to form icon culture in 20th century all over the world. It is very determined of Alkan to use these nostalgic and worn-out female images. The portraits/images of famous Hollywood actresses are artificially imposed on a society that is traditionally alienated to that culture, but the same society is quite familiarized to them through a forced cultural imperialism. Alkan exploits these images for testing the power of visual thinking of the society.  *Beral Madra

“The Cage” can be viewed at Daire Gallery, April 12 - May 25, 2013, Tuesday-Saturday, 11-19.00.

Opening: 12 April - 18.00
Address: Boğazkesen St. No:65D Tophane 34433 Beyoğlu Istanbul