Elçin Ekinci 

18 Aralık Dec 2013 / 08 Şubat Feb 2014


 isimsiz 2013 karışık teknik


Between the dates December 18th 2013 – February 08th 2014, Daire Gallery hosts Elçin Ekinci’s first extensive solo exhibition titled “The Nature of Order”.

The exhibition is constructed on a state of mind which travels back and forth between nature and culture - and tries to find a balance in between  the existing and the constructed.

Ekinci attempts to rebuild the information regarding of self and the natural by setting out the problems of organizing order which is conceived as calculable, seperatable, rationalizable and inspectable.  Through the individual’s interaction of the self with nature she invites to think about initial memory and essense where nothing is yet "constructed". She starts out by coding and decoding of "information" as a key part of human activity. She occupies herself with geometrical shaping, architectural aspects, scaling, classification, stereotyping and sorting the natural, and discusses the power types as an invisible  result of these intentions.

Ekinci re-constructs the exhibition space through works that she produces through several different medias and materials such as video, photography, statue and everyday items.  Works of organic and inorganic forms and materials which could be linked with each other by geometrical presentation are present in the exhibition.

While ready-made compasses installed in the showcase are preparing us for the exhibition, inside we are faced with the representative use of geometry for illustrating purposes in the work named "Flag." Scaling the time, rhythm, and scale and unit leading to order issues are presented with several works titled such as Scale (kinetic statue) "Scale of the Order" (ready-item, kinetic statue), Circles and Squares of Conscious (video). Some other works presented in the exhibition are a series of photographs and  a video installation titled "Build" where basic geometric forms are being used to reconstruct representative structures.

The latest works of the artist who performs fictitious interventions on reality regarding notions such as bio-power, power representations, consciousness and memory, can be viewed in this exhibition.


The Nature of Order” can be visited at Daire Gallery between the dates December 18th 2013 – February 08th 2014; Tuesdays – Saturdays, between 11am – 7pm.