Ahmet Duru, Buğra Erol, Candan Öztürk, Deniz Rona, Evrim Kavcar


4 Eylül Sep / 5 Ekim Oct  2013


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Daire Gallery hosts the group exhibition “The Loss” with works by Ahmet Duru, Buğra Erol, Candan Öztürk, Deniz Rona and Evrim Kavcar between the dates September 4-October 5.


You cannot enjoy anything you haven’t paid for. —Eddi Anter

The value of everything earned through labor, effort, pursuit, willpower and tenacity may surely best be appreciated by the person who earned it. This may be another’s love or trust, or rights and freedoms gained through struggle. The pain of loss is most intense. Some things are quite hard to earn in life: trust, love, reputation, power. But these may slip away very suddenly just as well. When these values are in question, the balance of gaining and losing becomes very fragile... Once lost, nothing will be the same again...

This exhibition is on values lost through sudden personal and social shifts and changes.

Deniz Rona participates in the exhibition with the documentation of a performance, “Shift.” The raw material of the work is the artist’s performance of standing in the middle of Galatasaray square, on one foot wearing a soldier’s uniform. The artist wanted to experience the practice of military punishment. It is striking that the footage of personal authority being lost during the experience of punishment was made in March 2012. The viewer can of course view the video within the current political context.

Candan Öztürk seeks in the frozen, distant, proud expressions of power holders who are gathered around a table with the authority to judge a certain issue, in her work “Interrogation.” The accused person is no longer trusted, replaced by questioning looks.

Ahmet Duru’s pencil drawings represent the moment of loss. The artist records the moment before when all creatures on the plane lose their lives or the dynamites blown up for an excavation project. This is such a moment that it cannot be repeated. The artist immortalizes the moment right before the loss.

In his work tittled “Make me Laugh”, Buğra Erol constructs a political scene by bringing together two symbolic objects: antidepressants and a mobile rice cart. Antidepressants that are freely offered to us especially in today’s busy urban lives to deal with the periods of fall are placed in a mobile food cart that one is used to seeing roaming around in populated streets. “Make me Laugh” is like a closed small box that individuals can not move in within a social downfall.

Evrim Kavçar tackles the possibility of the closure of the Botanical Gardens situated within the University of İstanbul. The artist presents thepossibility of loosing 70 to 100 years of effort through her artistic evaluation.


“The Loss” can be viewed at Daire Gallery on September 4-October 5, 11am-7pm.