Sibel Horada 

26 Ekim Oct / 12 Aralık Dec  2013



Between the dates October 26th – December 12th 2013, Daire Gallery hosts Sibel Horada's solo exhibition titled “A Fall”.

With her exhibition “A Fall”, the artist investigates the story of the removal of a sculpture depicting pegasus because of a broken wing, and thus opens a discussion about the utilization of public space.

Horada's research period began when she participated in the artist-residency program for the project “HereTogetherNow” at MataderoMadrid in January 2013. She was interested in a sculpture located at Plaza de Legazpi in Madrid which had been covered with fabric for the last 8 years.

Conflicting comments and skeptical approach concerning the sculpture have convinced the artist to investigate the subject further. Horada thus began her research on the tragic story of how the sculpture was damaged and broken. She found out that the sculpture which now looks like a horse actually used to be a pegasus, one wing of which was broken after its creation. The damaged sculpture has been sitting on one of the largest squares of the city, covered with fabric, waiting to be completed.

The artist shared her preliminary findings, interviews, images and a sound installation in Matadero in January 2013 as her artist-in-residence project. During her research in this period she wasn't able to locate the original broken wing, apart from its replicas.

The exhibition “A Fall” in Daire Gallery will be a continuation of this project. This act of disappearing that is the result of being removed from one's original place –of which the artist can not make sense– will be taken to a whole new level with her questioning about finding a new place for the pegasus wing in the exhibition.

The artist will re-create the lost wing of the sculpture in Madrid at its original size and put it on display – together with the documents, findings and images concerning her research.

A Fall” can be visited at Daire Gallery between the dates October 26th – December 12th, 2013; Tuesdays – Saturdays, between 11am – 7pm.