Kendine Ait Bir Oda A Room of One's Own




 20 Eylül Sep /  20 Ekim Oct 2012

In the exhibition titled “A Room of One’s Own”, which emphasises the need for personal space of freedom in art production, the works by Hatice Karadağ and Gözde Başkent can be seen in the two separate rooms of Daire Gallery allocated to the artists, between the dates 20 September- 20 October.

In her book “A Room of One’s Own”, dated 1929, Virginia Woolf wrote about the fact that a woman had neither a room of her own, nor time to spare for herself until the beginning of the nineteenth century.

If a woman was to produce, firstly she had to earn enough money to sustain herself, to secure a stable income and to have a room of her own, in other words she had to have personal privacy. Producing without being under the dominion of someone else, relieved from various prejudices and restrictions was the only way that a woman can be free and manifest her individuality.

When it is evaluated within the development of art history, we see that formerly educational opportunities were limited for women compared to that of men, and that very few women received art education. And this resulted in the fact that women artists could not make their voices heard so that people would speak of their names, and they fell behind with the developing art world. That the first painting exhibition comprised by works of solely women artists opened in the late nineteenth century is the clear manifestation of this situation. When we come to the twentieth century, it can be seen that women have more power in the art scene as a consequence of having acquired more legal rights and of actively taking part in the social order.

The works produced with different subjects and techniques by Hatice Karadağ and Gözde Başkent, right at this point seem to reiterate Virgina Woolf’s advice. The traces from the spaces where they work can also be seen in their works, which the two young women artists carried from their own studios into the rooms of the gallery.

Hatice Karadağ appears in the front room of the gallery allocated to her, with the works examining the concepts of woman-labour-capitalism, whereas Gözde Başkent, whom we can view in the rear room, mostly uses the technique of painting on wooden panel and depicts her figures, the majority of whom are women, with a pop-illustrational style in her works.

“A Room of One’s Own” will be on view between the dates 20 September- 20 October 2012 from Tuesdays to Saturdays between 11:00-19:00 at Daire.



Opening: 20 September - 18.00
Address: Boğazkesen St. No:65D Tophane 34433 Beyoğlu Istanbul