Mikro-Makro Kozmos: Algının Uyumu 

Micro-Macro Cosmos: The Harmony of Perception




 1 Kasım Nov  /  1 AralıkDec  2012

Daire Gallery hosts Dilay Koçoğulları’s photography exhibition titled “Micro-Macros Cosmos: The Harmony of Perception” from November 1 through December 1.

In her photography series “Micro-Macro Cosmos”, Dilay Koçoğulları sets out from the surprising similarities between the objects we often encounter in our daily lives, but mostly do not realise, and microscobic images she has collected from various laboratories.

 In her works which are exhibited as diptychs, she reveals the miraculous harmony between visible and invisible things, as well as small and big things, while presenting aesthetic and conceptual contexts together. That the artist received her bachelor’s degree in Biology before her Fine Arts education also plays an important role in the creation of this series.

 Close similarities between a nebula explosion and the structure of a human cell, or a tree bark, a turtle shell, the texture of a table, the image of a crowded group of people from afar, and the firm affinity they build with various microscobic images enables us to look around more carefully and discover the power of connections between objects and the universe intellectually.

 “Dilay Koçoğulları’ series Micro and Macro Cosmos is a good example of how to balance matters of aesthetic and content, and how to open our eyes a bit wider in order to discover the hidden treasures that surround us, and experience surprises in a world that is supposed to be accessed and known.” Dr. Marcus Graf

“Micro-Macros Cosmos: The Harmony of Perception” will be on view between the dates November 1 - December 1, from Tuesdays to Saturdays between 11:00 – 19:00 at Daire Gallery.

Opening: 1 November - 18.00
Address: Boğazkesen St. No:65D Tophane 34433 Beyoğlu Istanbul