Bu Yüzeyler These Surfaces



1 Şubat Feb /  2 Mart  Mar 2013

Daire Gallery is hosting Hakan Dağdelen’s photography exhibition “These Surfaces” between the dates 1 February - 2 March.
In this photography series, Hakan Dağdelen depicts the concepts of the individual, machine, mechanized individual, modernity, and technology in an abstract way. By contrasting organic and inorganic forms in his photographs, he demonstrates his visual images in a structuralist and deconstructionist perception.
Endeavoring to form a sense of new time and space as if in a zero-gravity environment, in his creations he makes use of photography, painting, sculpture as well as plastic arts like installation and performing arts like theatre and modern dance.

The fabrics, papers, various organic and inorganic objects that the artist utilizes in order to identify the place and the body animates the stable photographs. Dağdelen processes and arranges the two dimensional photograph paper as if it is made of clay or stone, in order to realize his fictional world. Integrating the costumes he prepared to the environment, he uses the place and the body as a transforming element.

I can describe the breath of these photos as “cooling of the spirit” Hakan Dağdelen

“These Surfaces” exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday at 11.00-18.30 in Daire Gallery between the dates 1 February - 2 March.

Açılış: 1 Şubat, 18.00

Address: Boğazkesen St. No:65D  Tophane 34433 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
T: 0212 252 52 59