Patetik Koridor   Pathetic Corridor 




14 Mart Mar - 28 Nisan Apr 2012

Ali İbrahim Öcal meets the viewers with his new solo exhibition titled “Pathetic Corridor.” between the dates 14 December – 28 April at Daire Gallery.

Ali Ibrahim Öcal works in various fields of art like painting, video and objects. Currently, he finished his third series of figurative and realistic paintings. Whereas his early work was based on and dealt with old family photos centring on images of his mother at a young age and reviewing topics like memory, age and death, the second series was showing landscapes, parts of nature and his mother, now as an elder woman, sometimes together with animals in various poses and activities in open air sceneries. In the current series though, which is shown under the title "Pathetic Corridor" at Daire Gallery, the human figure has left the painterly stage. Their places have been taken over by animals, which are either portrayed or shown in various actions.

Ali Ibrahim Öcal reviews in his current series this power-relationship, and reveals the artificial relation that we have with animals. The title of the exhibition derives from his critical comments on the interaction between man and animal. The Pathetic Corridor is a narrow space of trespassing, where two walls are facing each other. Although they both are situated in one place, form one location, they never get into contact with each other, never touch each other. Therefore, and this is the pathetic and tragic dimension of this metaphor, the walls stay across each other like two strangers, which never get into direct contact and exchange.

"Pathetic Corridor" can be viewed at Daire Galley between 14 March – 28 April 2012, Tuesday –Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm.

Place: Daire Gallery
Exhibition: “Pathetic Corridor”
Artist: Ali İbrahim Öcal

Opening: 14 March 2012 @ 18.00
Address: Boğazkesen St. No:65D Tophane 34433 Beyoğlu Istanbul
Tel: 0 212 252 52 59